PowerArchiver 13.03

PowerArchiver 13.03

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Windows (All Versions)
January 24th, 2013

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PowerArchiver 13.03 Description

PowerArchiver 13.03 is a great tool for you to create ZIP, ZIPX, TAR/GZ/BZ2, CAB, ISO, open 20 other formats. Full Windows 7/8 support with UAC elevation and VSS! FIPS 140-2. Multicore compression and fastest RAR extraction.

Major Features:

  • Compress
    • Most compatible archiver out there that opens all files your friends and family will send over.
    • Create Zip, 7z, CAB, ISO, TAR/GZ/BZ2 and Zipx files with blazing multicore speed.
    • Open Zip, Zipx, RAR, 7z, TAR, GZ, BZ2, CAB, ISO, MSI and 20 more.
    • 10 different tools: BatchZip, MultiExtract, Converter, SFX Wizard, Repair Zips and much more.
  • Secure:
    • Secure and Encrypt files in Zip, Zipx, 7z and PAE formats.
    • Enterprise ready – set policies to automatically secure files or Microsoft Outlook attachments.
    • FIPS 140.2 certification and HIPPA compliant.
    • Only program 100% compatible with utilities your business partners might use: WinZip, SecureZip, Winrar, etc.
  • Exchange:
    • Compress files for minimum size and easier sending.
    • Send files to colleagues and partners with FIPS 140.2 security.
    • Split files into volumes to go around your email server size limitations.
    • Outlook plugin automatically zips and secures your attachments.
    • Industry’s most compatible solution for sending and receiving files.
  • Backup:
    • Enterprise grade, fully standalone Backup application.
    • Use Volume Shadow Service (VSS) to backup files in use.
    • Great features like scheduler, logging, filters and more.
    • Send backups to FTP/SFTP, CD/DVD/BD, external drive or all at the same time.


  • Windows 8 support – Various smaller changes for official Windows 8 Certification.
  • Backup: date options – Enabled date options for file naming as default so users wont by accident overwrite their old backups.
  • Backup: tar.gz support – Improved TAR.GZ support in backup.
  • Virtual Drive: IMG support – Added support for IMG files in Virtual Drive.
  • Drag & Drop: Profiles – Added support for Compression Profiles in Drag and Drop window.
  • Preview Window Improvements – Disabled preview window for file selection when renaming files.
  • ZIP format – Added support for extracting folders with invalid name in Windows File System (/.example/).
  • Archive Converter with Encrypt Filenames – Added support for Encrypting Filenames in Archive converter (added in 13.03.02).

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