Nokia PC Suite

Nokia PC Suite

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Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
February 8th, 2012

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Nokia PC Suite Description

Nokia PC Suite is described as a handy, smart and effective application designed to enable Nokia phone owners to transfer important files from the mobile phone to the computer and vice versa, but also to control some of the handheld's features straight from the desktop.

The tool is supposed to provide some new functions to those who purchased a Nokia phone, including editing, backing up and synchronizing the files. Nokia PC Suite pretty much does that, as it is an easy to use application with a very pleasant and intuitive interface you should become accustomed with in a matter of minutes.

All functions can be accessed from the main interface, as soon as the phone is successfully connected to the computer. There are four connectivity options available: Bluetooth, infrared, serial cable (CA-42) and USB cable, with the last one being the fastest. 

Major Features:
  1. Edit contacts, pictures, and phone file names
  2. Install Java-based applications in your phone
  3. Convert ringing tone formats
  4. Play multimedia messages and videos
  5. Send text messages from the PC
  6. Connect by using your phone as a modem
  7. Back up and restore phone files
  8. Transfer information, pictures, and music from phone to phone or phone to PC
  9. Synchronize your phone and PC calendars
  • Nokia Mobile Phone connected to your PC
  • Available hard disk space: At least 300 MB of free disk space
  • Connection methods: USB cable, infrared (IrDA), or Bluetooth
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Download Nokia PC Suite
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