mtd for Students

mtd for Students

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September 11th, 2012

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mtd for Students Description

mtd for Students is considered to be the best dictionary developed for students in Vietnam. Multilanguage: English; Chinese; French, Vietnamese. The best features compare with the others.

Major Features:

  1. Multilanguage  
    • English - Vietnamese - English.
    • French – Vietnamese – French.
    • Chinese - Vietnamese – Chinese.
    • Vietnamese definition.
    • Fast searching: Click on the word to finding its meaning
    • Autolook (Ctrl+Right Click): can look up a word on other applications such as file .html on Web, Word document, Excel document, PowerPoint document or email…
    • Drag and drop a word to QuickView windows – always be on top of running application. Cross-references: Just 1 click you can search word’s meaning at the Definition windows.
    • Word of Day: Press button “Bookmarks†to save the word you want to learn to the list. Then use Word Quiz tool to remind you the word.
    • Sound: listening a word and paragraph pronounced (English, Chinese, French and Vietnamese).
    • Reading text: Hearing a text that you enter in the text box.
    • Specially Features in English:
      • Show you how to use exactly the word: List some collocations that contain the searching-word so this shows you how to use exactly the word.
      • English definition.
      • Bilingual sentence pairs: Enter a word or collocations English or Vietnamese to find their bilingual sentence.
      • Find Meanings: Through tool “Find Meaningsâ€, users easy to understand sentence structure and meaning. Furthermore, this function helps you know how to use the phrase better.
      • Translation text from English to Vietnamese: Drag and drop an English text to Quickview to translate it (if internet is connected).
    • Specially Features in Chinese: By phonetic transcription, Latin, Pinyin
      • Finding Chinese meaning by: Phonetic transcription; Chinese characters.
      • Explanation entry by using traditional or simplified Chinese
      • Listening to a Chinese entry or a word.
    • Specially features in French:
      • Conjugation
  2. How to use
  3. Update usually
    • 50,000 VND/ user
  4. Cheapest
    • 4 years licensed.
  5. Up to year
    • For Online purchasing only:
      • Through purchasing phone repaid card: Vinaphone, Mobifone.
      • Through credit card or bank ATM
  6. Easiest to buy
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