Lucy's Globe 3.20

Lucy's Globe 3.20

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Lucien Buercker|More programs
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August 23rd, 2012

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Lucy's Globe 3.20 Description

Lucy's Globe 3.20 is a helpful and versatile globe program or globe software which is running under Windows. 

Major Features:
  1. A multilingual globe and geography puzzle
    • The language of the user interface of Lucy's Globe and the language of the data
    • (language which is used for the labels on the globe and in the different tables) can be chosen independently of each other.
    • At this time the following languages are available:
    • User interface language: English, German, Spanish
    • Data language: English, German, Spanish, French
    • Nevertheless, the administrative parts – the parts used for changing the data – only
    • exist in English.
    • With Lucy's Globe you can improve your geographical knowledge and at the same time not only learn the corresponding vocabulary in English but also in Spanish,
    • German and French. An this, you do it while playing because the globe transforms into a geographical puzzle as soon as you choose the corresponding puzzle globe mode: All countries get the same color and all the labels disappear. At the same time a list opens which contains the states or their capitals which are sorted according to the criteria you have chosen: surface, population, population density, alphabetical or random.
    • Now the task consists in choosing a state or capital in the list and to click the corresponding state on the globe. If a state has been selected which is composed of several parts, you can click on each part – in the case of France for example you can click on French Guyana or on French Polynesia... Each time when a state has been found, it will be repainted in its specific color and its name and the name of its capital appear. At the same time, the state or capital name disappears from the list.
    • Some states are so tiny that they appear only as point or as several points. This cannot easily be clicked on. For this reason a magnification glass is available, which can for example be selected after having clicked the right mouse button. But the real problem are not the tiny states of which you know the position but the tiny states for which you do not yet know the position. In this case the magnification glass is of no use. Clicking randomly also will not be of much help. If you don't know where is Singapore for example, then there is no other choice than to choose the menu item “States/Territories†and then the subitem “States/territories table...â€.
    • In the dialog which opens, you have just to search for “singâ€. Then the globe turns so that Singapore comes into the middle, which is also shown by blinking circles.
    • Now you can use the magnification glass to make Singapore visible in order to
    • click on it.
    • Why don't you just download the puzzle globe Lucy's globe on you Windows
    • computer ? Your complete family will enjoy this software globe and earth puzzle.
  2. Globe Puzzle – Earth Puzzle – States Puzzle
    • If you just want to recall the base data for some state (or island), you only need to click on the state with the right mouse button and then to select “State/Territory infobox...â€. A box will be opened indicating surface, population, population density and name of the capital. Possibly you will also see a comment which is necessary in the case of puzzle countries like Greenland which is still partly dependent on
    • Denmark but not part of the EU. Greenland and some other countries are really puzzle states or puzzle countries which caused me real headaches.
  3. Base data about a state
    • You can use the infobox to compare the data between two different states but also the States/Territory table. In this table you can sort the countries according to their name, the name of the capitals, the continent, the surface, the population, the population density and the existence or not of a comment.
  4. Compare base data between states
    • Lucy's Globe gives you an overview on different states groups like the European
    • Union, the Arab League, the countries with circulation on the left side...
  5. Groups of states
    • If you click on the menu item “Labels“ and then on “List of labels...â€, you will get all the labels on the globe in a list. Do you want to know where is the Banda Sea?
    • Then just search for “Banda Sea†in this list and the globe will turn so that the label
    • “Banda Sea†comes in the middle (the middle of the label is shown with blinking circles). You can of course also search for the label of a state or a capital or even for a label you have entered yourself.
  6. Find a sea or an island
    • Maybe you are interested in adding labels or even label categories. You can even add you own groups of states, a tiny island which is of special interest for you, or some cities. And if for example New Caledonia should become independent, then this is not a problem of Lucy's Globe but merely a data problem and these data can be adapted by Lucy's Globe.
  7. An extensible and customizable globe
    • You need a globe picture or globe pictures or pictures of parts of the globe ? Lucy's
    • Globe gives you the possibility to export the picture you need and to use it freely.
    • As author of this globe software I grant you all rights to do it.
  8. Globe pictures for your documents
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Copyright Lucy's Globe 3.20

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