LightMan Writer 1.7.0

LightMan Writer 1.7.0

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November 13th, 2012

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LightMan Writer 1.7.0 Description

LightMan Writer is a very practical and solid CD & DVD burning application designed for all categories of users. In addition to easing the data recording process, LightMan Writer includes special options and features to boost the overall performance of the writing engine.
This is a highly capable solution to saving all your data and safely storing it on physical medium. Part of the programs equipment is also a communicative interface redefining the term user-friendly.
Transfer now in a fast and secure way all your collections of data, whether they include movies, music, games or documents or anything else.
Features included:
Support for creating custom data;
Allows manipulation of rewritable and multisession discs;
Enables the making of audio and mixed-mode projects;
Ability to record disc images and Ability to create disc copies;
Saves (and encodes) audio and data tracks to files;
Ability to record to dual-layer DVDs;
Ability to create direct disc copies, on the fly or using a temporary disc image;
Erases rewritable discs using several methods;
Records disc images (ISO and BIN/CUE);
Explorer integration;

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