Dropbox 1.6.17

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Windows XP / Vista / Windows7 / XP64 / Vista64 / Windows7 64 / Windows8 / Windows8 64
February 18th, 2013

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Dropbox 1.6.17 Description

Dropbox 1.6.17 is created as a  flexible and helpful tool that will enable you to instantly store your files online and share them. You can also rely on Dropbox to synchronize the files from your offline directories and online storage. 

Major Features:

  • Your files, anywhere:
    • 2GB of Dropbox for free, with subscriptions up to 100GB available.
    • Your files are always available from the secure Dropbox website.
    • Dropbox works with Windows, Mac, Linux, iPad, iPhone, Android and BlackBerry.
    • Works even when offline. You always have your files, whether or not you have a connection.
    • Dropbox transfers just the parts of a file that change (not the whole thing).
    • Manually set bandwidth limits -- Dropbox won't hog your connection.
  • Simple sharing:
    • Invite friends, family or teammates to a folder. It'll be as if you saved the folder to their computers.
    • See other people's changes instantly.
    • Create photo galleries viewable by anyone you choose.
    • Send a link to any file in your Dropbox using your Public folder.
  • Dropbox mobile:
    • Bring your files with you when you're on the go.
    • Edit files in your Dropbox from your phone.
    • Easily upload your photos and videos to Dropbox.
    • Share freely with family and friends.
  • Your stuff is safe:
    • Dropbox keeps a one-month history of your work.
    • Any changes can be undone, and files can be undeleted.
    • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and AES-256 bit encryption.


  • At least 512 MB of RAM
  • Free space on your computer equal to your Dropbox storage quota.
Download Dropbox 1.6.17
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Download Dropbox 1.6.17
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