DAEMON Tools Lite (with SPTD 1.81)

DAEMON Tools Lite (with SPTD 1.81)

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April 23rd, 2012

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DAEMON Tools Lite (with SPTD 1.81) Description


Daemon Tools Lite is the freeware version of this emulation software utility, a version that the developers have deemed it to be free for private use. The grounds for the popularity of DAEMON Tools Lite is that it can essentially perform all drive emulation tasks quickly, it offers most of the advanced features present in the Pro version and is compatible with the commonly used disk image files. Furthermore, DAEMON Tools Lite enables the install of several disk drive emulators onto your system. Therefore, regardless of how many applications you need to emulate via this utility, DAEMON Tools Lite is the right software for the job.

Furthermore, DAEMON Tools Lite is versatile and can easily acclimatize disks or software programs with more complex requirements. A more in depth look at its main capabilities will reveal whether the Lite version is the right disk emulation for your purposes, so let us look at it in a bit more depth.  


Before installing, DAEMON Tools Lite take note that it is not compatible with Windows versions older than 2000, otherwise supporting all newer versions, from XP SP3 up to Windows 7. The good news, however, is that the system requirements for DAEMON Tools Lite are small. The Lite freeware version of the program comes bundled with third-party tools, but, if not needed, users can de-select them during the installation process as they are clearly marked in the setup process. Once DAEMON Tools Lite has completed the installation, your system will need to be rebooted in order to install the first simulated disk drive (authors note: The system reboot after the installation process is not obligatory but desirable action. It may need to be rebooted in order to install system driver required for optical device emulation). However, if you choose to add more drive emulations afterwards, the reboot will no longer be necessary.


DAEMON Tools Lite is used mainly via the tray bar icon, because a single right click will bring up the menu of options that enable them to open the main window, change the disk imaging characteristics, burn a certain image or check out the currently emulated disk and its contents and add more simulated drives. In addition, the tray bar also permits purchase of the full version of the DAEMON Tools Lite, gives access to the help menu or allows you to close the application.

However, the main window of the DAEMON Tools Lite software offers a more extensive view of the actions being performed by the program via its two subsections. In the upper window, users will be able to add images to the programs Image Catalog and view recently mounted images list, the lower subsection permits them to switch between the simulated drives. Essentially, the button bar separating these two windows contains approximately the same functions that are accessible by right clicking on the tray bar icon of the DAEMON Tools Lite. To sum it up, the Lite version of the DAEMON Tools has the simple, straight to the point and accessible type of interface you have grown accustomed to over the years.


Obviously, the primary grounds to prefer DAEMON Tools over other alternatives resides in the ability to accustom an extensive list of image files, from the common MDX, MDS, NRG and ISO to the lesser known CDI, CUE, ISZ or PDI. Furthermore, this application can override and apply to a nearly exhaustive list of CD or DVD protections and incorporates standards like SECURE-ROM, SAFEDISK or LASERLOCK. Of course, the developers do not advocate the usage of DAEMON Tools Lite for illegal purposes, but rather to simplify the task of users that want to backup their application collections and minimize the amount of media support they need.

The types of drives that can be simulated via this Lite version of the application are DT and SCSI, while the Pro version can also emulate IDE devices and even mount images to folders on local NTFS drives.


Running certain applications will require shutting down DAEMON Tools Lite. The reboot required during installation could be considered a minor inconvenience as well, but nothing too great considering the integration required by the program cant be obtained otherwise.


The list of alternatives to DAEMON Tools Lite includes Alcohol 120, PowerISO, Virtual Clone Drive, orWinCDEmu, but so far DAEMON Tools still seems to be at the top of users preferences. 


DAEMON Tools Lite is a very competent freeware tool that requires minimal system resources in order to perfectly emulate the presence of a disk drive. It is the ideal software utility for backing up your important programs and reducing the hassle involved in finding the original disk required by any of your installed programs to run, especially for users that have a single DVD-ROM drive installed. A highly recommended, must-have tool!

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Download DAEMON Tools Lite (with SPTD 1.81)
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